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Welcome to the UK's most comprehensive website devoted to the specialist subject of 'Strategic' land and property and hopefully the most cost effective source of investment land advice in the South West

The aim of this site is simply to provide the UK's most comprehensive and independent source of information on buying, promoting and investing in strategic land for future development. The site is seeking to become the most useful source of detailed information and advice on investment land in Gloucestershire and the the South West from a base north of Bristol.

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Scope of this site

I would summarise the scope of this website as being fourfold.

  • 1. To offer a clear and wide ranging background on this specialist subject.

  • 2. To provide a detailed explanation of the legal, land and planning
    framework that is the background to the subject.

  • 3. To put forward the case for investment in strategic land and property
    and to illustrate possible returns.

  • 4. To summarise the available services I can provide on the subject.

    Whilst many people believe they have a fair knowledge of property matters strategic land is a more arcane and specialist subject with a fair number of jargon and acronyms. These are familar and understood by those working in the business, but not covered in even many property text books. This site tries to explain some of the more familiar terms in clear plain english.

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    The definition of 'Strategic' Land

    The first thing I would suggest is to clarify exactly what is meant by the term 'strategic' land. After years of dealing with the subject my own definition is this;

    " any land and/or buildings whose value can be increased by planning promotion and/or a consent for development".

    This is an intentionally wide definition encompassing a whole range of greenfield and brownfield land whose value can be increased by allocation, or the grant of planning permission for development, or equally a more intensive or dense form of development.

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    About this website

    The contents of this website are drawn from over 25 years experience of dealing with property as a Development Manager and Chartered Surveyor and over 15 years of that period have been specialising in acquiring and promoting land for future development.

    In that time I have been responsible wholly or jointly for achieving the allocation of land for more than 4,000 dwellings and over 1,000,000 square feet of business space on more than 1,000 acres of land. This work has been carried out on behalf of large PLC housebuilders and independent developers.

    The purpose of this website is to provide an authorititive source of information and background on this specialist subject and showcase a range of independent services in the fields of land, legal, planning and development issues.

    The full range of services available is listed on the Services / contacts / links page. From a prospective investors viewpoint these also extend to property and land investment advice and access to strategic opportunities in Gloucestershire, the South West and the rest of England & Wales.


    The contents and the views expressed in this website are my own and have been last updated on 20th June 2010.

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